Our Mission, Vision, and
Core Values

A public relations firm did not write our Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Instead, the statements were carefully crafted by our own people, with plenty of input from our clients. From our Associates we sought to channel our experiences into a common vision we could passionately pursue. From our clients we found out what we do best for them and what they believe our challenges are. It took some work, but the resulting statements are both revealing and quite useful to us. They truly reflect who CHAN Healthcare is and what we aspire to become.

Our Mission
The Mission of faith-based CHAN Healthcare, in trust and partnership with our clients, is to advance healthcare ministries by providing quality internal audit services with integrity, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Our Vision
The Vision of faith-based CHAN Healthcare is to be the industry leader in internal audit services that assist our clients in fulfilling their mission.

Our Core Values
Our Core Values are:

  • Reverence
  • Integrity
  • Servant Leadership
  • Excellence