Our Approach

Over a relatively few short years, CHAN Healthcare has become the sole leader in an industry our firm created. We are today the nation’s premier provider of healthcare internal audit services. And it’s our way of doing business that got us here.

Our foundation is built on our one-of-a-kind professional staff — audit professionals with experience in both healthcare and internal auditing. Each is dedicated full-time to the client organization they are assigned and where they physically set up shop.

We call our auditors Client-Based Associates. They are the chief audit executives at their respective locations, where they apply our independent, results-driven approach to the audit process. From the corporate level, we support them with the automated audit system, systematic knowledge-sharing, supplementary expertise, and the leading-edge technology they need to maximize their productivity.

This model is key to CHAN Healthcare’s success because it allows us to know our clients from the inside out. It enables us to understand clearly the risks and opportunities unique to each organization. It helps us integrate our company with theirs, even while maintaining the independence of the internal audit function. It results in our transformation from a contracted vendor to a true business partner. In so many ways, our approach is clearly beneficial to the organizations we serve.