Associate Testimonials

What do CHAN Healthcare associates find so appealing about our company?

Find out for yourself why our associates from coast-to-coast are so devoted to CHAN Healthcare and the internal audit and risk consulting services they provide to our clients. Here’s what our associates have to say:

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Arizona
“What most sets CHAN Healthcare apart from other companies is its willingness to listen to its employees. Some companies have a lot of formal policies in place to help them improve themselves, but if you have your own idea for improving something, you have to get past your manager or your manager’s boss to be heard. CHAN Healthcare, on the other hand, will consider ideas from any Associate, regardless of your job level.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Texas
“To me, a company’s culture is a big deal. I have to fit in with the culture, and I like CHAN Healthcare’s approach of being a partner with the client and adding value.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Maine
“It’s the first auditing job I’ve had where I get to see the operations end of the business and know how my work impacts management’s objectives. They’ve really integrated me into their management team, so I go to their finance meetings and their Results Management Initiative meetings to hear about all they’re doing to save money and increase efficiencies.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Wisconsin
“I was with another company and when I returned from maternity leave, I wanted to try to work more normal hours but the job just wouldn’t allow it. Then I got a call from a former coworker of mine who had joined CHAN Healthcare. He said, ‘Don’t you have a daughter? Don’t you want some normal hours?’ So I came to CHAN Healthcare and my work schedule has certainly been a lot more feasible for someone who has a family.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Pennsylvania
“When I came to CHAN Healthcare, I immediately applauded our insistence that audit results be reported to the client’s audit committee. CHAN Healthcare has a great model with what we require of our clients, especially from a reporting relationship perspective.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Idaho
“Management is receptive at the facility I audit and I truly feel like I’m adding value. It’s helped that I’m able to be active on my client’s corporate responsibility committee. They’ll pick a department and we’ll do a field trip and trace a patient from beginning to end. Through that input, we’re able to determine whether controls are functioning as intended. The various departments see me as someone who’s there to help them.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Senior Manager, Indiana
“When I was in public accounting, I served a lot of different clients and had to travel quite a bit. At CHAN Healthcare, I rarely travel and I have the opportunity to build my knowledge on the same client. There is still variety because I work at such a diverse health system, with facilities of all types and sizes. There is always something new to learn. And it’s nice to be able to compare how my client is now from how they were two years ago.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Senior Manager, Alabama
“When I started at CHAN Healthcare in 2001, I had a lot of auditing experience but not much healthcare experience. CHAN Healthcare has so many resources that it gave me a starting point – like the discussion database, reference information, and simply knowing that I could pick up the phone and call another auditor. That’s a huge benefit. All CHAN Healthcare’s resources allow me to do my homework before starting an audit, so I can enter that first meeting able to talk intelligently about whatever hospital department I’m auditing.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Missouri
“I love the variety of job responsibilities with CHAN Healthcare. I’m involved in monthly finance board, compliance, physician transaction, and other committees, in addition to working with management on a day-to-day basis. I’ve had past jobs where you perform the audit, write the report, and never get to see the end result. At CHAN Healthcare, it is your responsibility to present to the audit/compliance committee and gain that valuable feedback that will assist in future reviews.”

CHAN Healthcare Audit Manager, Kansas
“My hospitals definitely meet their mission of serving the poor and vulnerable. I strive to help them continue to serve that mission by making sure they meet their bottom-line goals. I see value in that and I like to think I’m making a difference there.”

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