Client Testimonials

CHAN Healthcare is proud of the unsolicited compliments we regularly receive from our clients. From California to Maine, and from Florida to Washington state, this informal feedback reveals a lot about how CHAN Healthcare serves its clients and what healthcare organizations expect from us.


From Tucson, Arizona
“In my 34 years in healthcare, I have never met an auditor who compares to [her]. She is to be commended for her knowledge, professionalism, and her knack for presenting the findings from the audit in such a positive manner. [She] truly rocks!!”
– A medical group’s quality/corporate compliance/privacy officer, writing of a CHAN Healthcare coding compliance auditor
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From Little Rock, Arkansas
“She dug deep and identified issues that, now that they’re corrected, help keep us out of trouble.”
– A health system CFO, speaking of a CHAN Healthcare auditor
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From Redding, California
“Thank you for employing someone who is making a difference in healthcare.”
– The director of emergency service at a medical center, complimenting the CHAN Healthcare auditor located there
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From Denver, Colorado
“You two have been an absolute pleasure. You are knowledgeable and thorough as auditors. But more importantly, you both put people at ease and give folks the sense that this potentially negative process might actually lead to the generation of new ideas or process improvements, as opposed to ugly consequences or disciplinary actions.”
– A health system’s VP of compensation, praising two CHAN Healthcare auditors
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From Bridgeport, Connecticut
"Throughout my short tenure [here], I have enjoyed and appreciated the services provided by CHAN Healthcare to our ministry."
– The CEO of a medical center
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From Wilmington, Delaware
“[She] went above and beyond in providing assistance and really helped to ensure the document was comprehensive.”
– A hospital compliance officer’s comment to the supervisor of a CHAN Healthcare auditor
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From Pensacola, Florida
“You are awesome! I want to thank you for supporting the efforts of [the client’s team members]. This action carries a lot of credibility and is likely to assist us in meeting our goals.”
– A hospital HIM director, writing to a CHAN Healthcare auditor
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From Atlanta, Georgia
After a health system’s audit committee meeting, the committee chair congratulated three CHAN Healthcare auditors for their excellent work.
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From Lewiston, Idaho
“The audit reports and audit function bring real value to [us].”
– A hospital’s audit committee member, speaking of the work of CHAN Healthcare
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From Evansville, Indiana
“We are impressed with [a CHAN Healthcare auditor’s] well written and balanced audit reports, his tone and presence at audit committee meetings, his progress in getting up to speed in the healthcare industry, and his ability to work well with the auditees in a collaborative and nonthreatening manner.”
– A message to CHAN Healthcare from the CEO and the CFO of a health system
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From Des Moines, Iowa
“I appreciate the collaborative approach of [three CHAN Healthcare auditors] and their willingness to spend time understanding the issues they are auditing.”
– A medical center CFO
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From Manhattan, Kansas
“I am impressed with the approach CHAN Healthcare is taking and with their professionalism.”
– Board chair at hospital
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From Louisville, Kentucky
“You are a breath of fresh air compared to other auditors we’ve had.”
– A health information management manager’s note to a CHAN Healthcare coding compliance auditor
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From Portland, Maine
At a health system’s finance committee meeting, the CEO publicly thanked a CHAN Healthcare auditor for her work and for being proactive, staying independent, and working well with management.
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From Towson, Maryland
The CEO and CFO of a medical center said the two CHAN Healthcare auditors who serve the facility use a collaborative, factual, and thorough audit process; the client has good input into the plan; CHAN Healthcare is auditing the right things; the findings in the draft audit reports have been validated; and both auditors are open-minded and determined to help the hospital do a good job.
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From Springfield, Massachusetts
“She serves as an invaluable teacher and has built many relationships that have made this ... position value-added for all of us.
– A health system CEO, writing about a CHAN Healthcare auditor
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From Port Huron, Michigan
“I’ve been a business lawyer for over 30 years and after reviewing [the CHAN Healthcare auditor’s] reports, I never realized how critically important having an internal audit function could be to a successful business.”
– A member of a health system’s audit committee, after hearing the results of a CHAN Healthcare audit
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From Baudette, Minnesota
The CEO and CFO of a health center said they find the CHAN Healthcare auditor to be very helpful and responsive, and they see him as a resource to help them improve their processes.
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From St. Louis, Missouri
“CHAN Healthcare is doing great work and has had a positive impact on Catholic healthcare.”
– Ascension Health CEO Tony Tersigni, speaking at a meeting of Ascension’s board of trustees
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From Great Falls, Montana
A university president said that the recommendations made by CHAN Healthcare auditors in a billing and collection system audit, particularly about cash flow, were very helpful.
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From Grand Island, Nebraska
The director of quality management at a medical center was so impressed by service she received from a CHAN Healthcare auditor that she sent the auditor a certificate the organization uses internally to recognize superior work.
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From Riverside, New Jersey
“[The CHAN Healthcare auditor] was professional and concise in her audit actions. Personally, I was impressed at her ability to interview the department directors involved to ensure she understood the processes currently in place, and the drivers behind the processes. Thanks again to [the auditor] for a professional job!! Well done!”
– A corporate director of support services of a medical center
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From Santa Fe, New Mexico
“I felt as though it was one of the best written internal audit reports I have ever read.”
– The reaction of a partner of a Big Four accounting firm to a CHAN Healthcare report on a hospital where the firm is an external auditor
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From Troy, New York
“I am really not sure what we would do without you. I continue to believe you bring enormous value to [us].”
– A health system CFO, writing to a CHAN Healthcare auditor
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From Dickinson, North Dakota
"The time and effort your team invested in preparing this review and recommendation to help us ... is greatly appreciated. You have a wonderful staff and we are looking forward to working on these projects with you."
– An email from a hospital CFO
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From Cincinnati, Ohio
“I truly welcome a CHAN Healthcare audit because I know we will complete the engagement as a more improved organization.”
– A health system’s regional manager of information systems, writing to a CHAN Healthcare IT auditor
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From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"I am sure very few people thank you after an audit, but I really do know you have helped me be a better manager over the years. You are very fair!!! I value your opinions and like working with you."
– A hospital SAP contract manager, writing to a CHAN Healthcare auditor
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From Baker City, Oregon
A health system’s finance committee chairperson said he highly respects the auditor from CHAN Healthcare and the work the auditor has done. He said he especially appreciates the individual’s "no surprises" approach.
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From Scranton, Pennsylvania
“He was very thorough, asked good questions, and was very sincere in having the audit be used as a tool for improvement. … He is a valuable link that provided insight to the trends seen in similar organizations.”
– A health system’s regional purchasing director, praising a CHAN Healthcare auditor’s accounts payable review
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From Pierre, South Dakota
"The excellent presentation by CHAN Healthcare to the finance committee ... was well received and resulted in some lively discussion. They not only were very interested but had some good questions that [CHAN Healthcare’s auditor] handled nicely."
– A hospital CEO’s email to the health system’s senior VP of operations
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From Nashville, Tennessee
“Your team is so respectful and easy to work with, we count it a pleasure … We always complete an audit with a better process or stronger documentation based on the advice provided to us.”
– A healthcare organization’s executive director of patient financial services, writing to the CHAN Healthcare audit team

“I very much value the CHAN Healthcare team here in Nashville and consider them the best of partners. I commend CHAN Healthcare for attracting and retaining such outstanding people.”
– A healthcare system’s regional CIO
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From Austin, Texas
“You are not only a very intelligent and skilled auditor, you are a joy to work with.”
– A food services manager at a healthcare network, writing to a CHAN Healthcare auditor
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From Pasco, Washington
“Thank you for providing such a concise and practical audit.”
– A healthcare network CEO, reacting a CHAN Healthcare auditor’s pharmacy review
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From Milwaukee, Wisconsin
“Clearly, if CHAN Healthcare had not been available in assisting us in this project, the system could have ended up with a reduction in scope or a very large overage in capital dollars.”
– The VP of facilities and construction for a healthcare system, writing about a CHAN Healthcare construction audit
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