By The Numbers

It is difficult to define an “ideal” CHAN Healthcare Associate because the individuals we hire have a wide variety of professional backgrounds and experience levels and we provide the resources for each to be successful. However, most of the people we hire for auditing positions share at least three qualities: they are experienced, professionally certified, and healthcare smart.


CHAN Healthcare hires experienced people. An average new hire comes to us with 15 years of on-the-job experience, which includes 10 years of auditing. Almost 10% of our new Associates have 21 or more years of professional experience.

Professionally Certified

An overwhelming 87% of our new employees have already earned a professional certification. Of those currently certified, the most commonly held certifications are:

Healthcare Smart

A full 71% of the auditors we hire come to us having worked for and/or audited healthcare organizations. The average amount of healthcare experience among new hires is six years.