340B Solutions

Achieving 340B Program Integrity

The 340B Drug Pricing Program offers safety-net hospitals and other eligible healthcare organizations the opportunity for significant cost savings, enabling them to continue serving at-risk populations. Many healthcare organizations may find it increasingly challenging to remain compliant while meeting U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) expectations. HRSA is increasing scrutiny through covered-entity audits and targeted inquiries with drug manufacturers, leading many healthcare organizations to focus more on internal and external monitoring procedures.

CHAN Healthcare, a subsidiary of Crowe Horwath LLP, collaborates with healthcare organizations to assist in maintaining 340B program compliance and identifying areas of potential program optimization. Our comprehensive approach to 340B auditing and consulting, including the use of robust data analytics, enables us to provide insight into program performance. Our 340B Program Monitor leverages data analytics auditing processes in a customizable, continuous monitoring software solution for covered 340B programs. It allows testing across the entire population of dispensations.

Regardless of the services provided, CHAN’s collaborative approach typically results in:

  • More thorough understanding of 340B throughout the organization
  • Enhanced operations, including monitoring procedures
  • Greater degree of compliance with regulations