Data Analytics

Healthcare organizations today are generating vast amounts of data. This information is being used to manage patient care more effectively and to identify process and control issues that can negatively impact the organization’s profits. Long used as a strategic decision-making tool by companies in a broad range of industries, data analytics can assist hospitals in identifying risks, achieving regulatory compliance, reducing costs, and increasing revenues.

CHAN Healthcare offers Data Analytic Services to help healthcare organizations effectively evaluate their data to gain greater visibility into their processes and operations. Our advanced data analytic tools can simplify and improve a hospital’s auditing, monitoring, compliance, and business processes.

Harness the Power of Data
Working together with key stakeholders, CHAN Healthcare analyzes risks and implements data analytics tools to:

  • Improve the organization’s ability to identify and respond to urgent events.
  • Detect changes or vulnerabilities in processes that could expose the organization to undue or unplanned risk.
  • Uncover and highlight unknown issues and opportunities.
  • Monitor important trends.
  • Increase efficiency by analyzing more data in less time.
  • Turn data from disparate systems into actionable information for decision making.
  • Effectively use data to develop strategic solutions to support the business and increase revenue.

CHAN Healthcare has provided Data Analytic Services for more than a decade to improve the audit process and assist healthcare management in effective decision making. Our experience and proven data analytics tools have helped numerous healthcare organizations identify process control issues that, when mitigated, drove more effective processes and revenue enhancement opportunities. Our services are delivered by a team of experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of healthcare operations, as well as expertise in data analysis tools and techniques.


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