Coding and Compliance

In addition to our client-based auditors, many of our clients have dedicated CHAN Healthcare coding compliance auditors who perform in-depth technical reviews of their coding and billing procedures. These individuals have special training and experience that qualify them to assess coding accuracy and CPT, ICD-10, and DRG assignments on an account-level basis.  Our customized coding audits pinpoint areas of vulnerability, allowing healthcare organizations to better understand and assess coding performance. We then collaborate with our clients to identify work process changes that can help optimize operational performance.

CHAN Healthcare helps organizations with:

  • Minimizing revenue leakage by lowering the rate of claim denials and rejections
  • Maximizing collections through improved coding quality
  • Improving compliance with coding guidelines and regulations  
  • Annual auditing and ongoing monitoring of OIG compliance effectiveness
  • Identifying root cause/process improvement opportunities and providing educational assistance for coding staff and physicians

Additional Compliance Services include:
Healthcare organizations have an increasing need to maintain effective compliance programs. CHAN Healthcare can develop benchmark indicators to assess the effectiveness of corporate compliance programs, and perform audits to evaluate compliance with the indicators.

Our Coding Compliance services include:

  • Compliance Program Assessment
  • Compliance Program Management
  • IRO/Self Disclosure
  • Excluded Provider Screening Services
  • ProTect Software Solution – Proactive Detection of Regulatory Compliance Risk