A strong, vibrant oversight function for internal audit is essential to ensuring independence and objectivity in this key area of management responsibility. CHAN Healthcare helps governance boards fulfill stewardship and fiduciary responsibilities by:

  • Strengthening internal controls
  • Identifying revenue enhancement and cost savings opportunities.

Too Many Internal Control Surprises
Over the past several years, as risks increased and “financial and weak internal control surprises” have occurred, it has become evident there is a need to ensure that everyone involved in monitoring internal controls understands their roles and responsibilities.

Governance Education
To meet this need and provide resources for current, ongoing governance committee education, CHAN Healthcare has developed and maintains governance committee educational resources accessible to CHAN Healthcare auditors. Resources are assembled from reputable national publications and professional groups, or are developed by CHAN Healthcare in response to an emerging need.

CHAN Healthcare will work with a client to develop an ongoing, governance committee educational program. In addition to the local auditor, our senior management is available for governance committee educational presentations.