CHAN Healthcare doesn’t pretend to be everything to everyone. We don’t try to audit banks, for instance, or airlines, or the auto industry. But when it comes to improving the operations of nonprofit healthcare organizations, we believe we’re the best in the business. All 300-plus of our employees are dedicated to that one mission.

CHAN Internal Audit
340B Services


Such singular devotion allows us to concentrate all our people and resources on the services our clients require. And each service contributes to a common set of objectives:

  • Helping your governance board and management fulfill their stewardship and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Strengthening your internal controls
  • Sharing what we’ve learned from auditing more than 350 healthcare facilities
  • Helping you increase revenues and realize cost savings
  • Educating your governance and management.

No other auditing firm knows the intricacies of nonprofit healthcare like CHAN Healthcare does, and our services reflect it.