Internal Audit

CHAN Healthcare has conducted thousands of audits in its twenty-year history, so we have the services you need — backed by a proven approach and the resources to do the job right.

Our auditors examine processes, related IT systems and internal controls and recommend improvements in two primary areas:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations (operational, financial, clinical processes, and information technology audits)
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations (coding/compliance audits).

CHAN Internal Audit


Internal Audit Model

Sharing What We Learn

From CHAN's experience conducting thousands of healthcare audits, repeated across multiple health systems in many audit areas, comes our ability to share with you what we have learned about healthcare risks and internal controls. You will have access to our Client Resource Center with internal control best practices identified through our auditing work. Our knowledge sharing capability is a strategic focus and differentiator for CHAN Healthcare, and we are committed to providing you with information that’s available only from a company that is fully dedicated to healthcare internal audit and performs process, system and control audits across hundreds of healthcare facilities.

Plenty of Support
We offer flexible models for co-sourcing and outsourcing including our unique client based associate model. Although your client-based auditors are the key link to a successful partnership, you will soon experience that CHAN Healthcare is much bigger. Our auditors have access to numerous subject matter experts, resources, and tools to give you the highest quality internal audit services. Their work is reviewed by an experienced supervisor to ensure objectivity and that all relevant questions are asked and answered. This supervision is possible by the use of an automated audit system, specifically developed for the healthcare industry. Our secure web-based system supports our internal audit methodology and drives efficiencies by incorporating direct access to deep industry knowledge, data capture, remote supervision and automated deliverables/reporting through the internal audit process. This software supports both annual and ongoing risk assessment activities, as well as all audit work, and has significant reporting capabilities that allows for trending and the performance of additional data analysis, including the identification of the top trends in healthcare risks and strengthening internal controls.

CHAN Healthcare auditors have access to clinical, coding, compliance, and IT audit expertise. We hire clinicians with in-depth knowledge of clinical processes. Many are trained in data analysis or can get assistance from one of our data analysis specialists. Healthcare companies desiring internal audit coverage in the areas of coding or IT can request any or all of these as part of their service contract. Additional services include:

Risk Management - CHAN Healthcare helps manage risk through a variety of ways, including establishing an Enterprise Risk Management program to performing a comprehensive risk assessment with robust reporting.
· Enterprise Risk Management
· Risk Assessment
· Due Diligence/Agreed Upon Procedures

Revenue Cycle - CHAN Healthcare provides a comprehensive assessment of the revenue cycle to improve performance and provide sustainable solutions to achieve and maintain financial goals.
· Contingency Contract Audits
· Revenue Cycle Consulting and Auditing
· Charge Description Master (CDM) Data Analytics
· Managed Care Contract Compliance
· Charge Integrity

Physician Practices - CHAN Healthcare offers solutions to help proactively manage the risk involved in physician practices and arrangements, including practice purchases, joint ventures, complex contractual models, and overall growth in employed and independent arrangements.
· Physician Practice Compliance
· Physician Contracting
· Physician Compensation, Relative Value Unit (RVU) Arrangements
· Physician Compensation Monitoring System

Financial - CHAN Healthcare provides a broad range of financial consulting, data analytics and software solutions to assist in assessing and enhancing your financial reporting.
· Financial Control Assessments/Consulting
· Accounts Receivable (AR) Hindsight Continuous Monitoring Software
· Fraud/Journal Entry Data Analytics
· Accounts Payable Data Analytics

Governance -A strong, vibrant oversight function for internal audit is essential to ensuring independence and objectivity in this key area of management responsibility. CHAN Healthcare helps governance boards fulfill stewardship and fiduciary responsibilities by:
· Strengthening internal controls
· Providing enhanced view of organizational risk

Too Many Internal Control Surprises
Over the past several years, as risks increased and “financial and weak internal control surprises” have occurred, it has become evident there is a need to ensure that everyone involved in monitoring internal controls understands their roles and responsibilities.

Governance Education
To meet this need and provide resources for current, ongoing governance committee education, CHAN Healthcare has developed and maintains governance committee educational resources accessible to CHAN Healthcare auditors. Resources are assembled from reputable national publications and professional groups, or are developed by CHAN Healthcare in response to an emerging need.

CHAN Healthcare will work with a client to develop an ongoing, governance committee educational program. In addition to the local auditor, our senior management is available for governance committee educational presentations.